2 February 2024

The H2med project is entering a new phase of its development

The three developing partners of the BarMar project, Enagás (transmission system operator from Spain), GRTgaz and Teréga (transmission system operators from France), in coordination with OGE (transmission system operator from Germany), have decided to award the Wood company to conduct the preliminary engineering studies, perform the analysis of route alternatives and select the corridor of the BarMar project. The societal and environmental impact studies are also launched today and will be conducted by Tecnoambiente, supported by Francom and Natural Power.

Enagás, GRTgaz and Teréga, in coordination with OGE, are pleased to announce the successful awarding of contracts to conduct the essential preliminary engineering studies to Wood company.

The scope of work includes analyzing the various potential routes for the offshore pipeline to connect Barcelona to Marseille across the Mediterranean Sea. This comprehensive evaluation will allow to identify a preferred corridor for BarMar, and will consider technical, economic, environmental, and societal perspectives, emphasizing the commitment of the three Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to a well-rounded and sustainable approach.

Given the cross-border and multidisciplinary nature of the BarMar project, the societal and environmental impact will be conducted by Tecnoambiente, supported by Francom and Natural Power.

BarMar is part of the H2med project. The H2med project is composed of a hydrogen interconnection between Portugal and Spain (Celorico da Beira – Zamora) as well as a maritime pipeline connecting Spain and France (Barcelona – Marseille).

The H2med project is a transnational effort aimed at connecting the hydrogen networks of the Iberian Peninsula with those in Northwest Europe. Its goal is to enable Europe to be supplied with affordable, renewable hydrogen by 2030. The project was launched in October 2022 by the President of the Government of Spain, the President of France, and the Prime Minister of Portugal. These leaders reaffirmed their commitment at the Euromed Summit on December 9th, 2022, in Alicante, with support from Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission. H2med is being advanced by the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) from various countries: Enagás, GRTgaz, REN, Teréga, and OGE, which joined the project in October 2023.

On 28 November 2023, the European Commission selected the H2med project to be included on the list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

More information on H2med website project https://h2medproject.com/

About the companies involved in the H2med project:

Enagás is a Transmission System Operator (TSO) with 50 years’ experience in the development, operation and maintenance of energy infrastructure. It has more than 12,000 kilometers of gas pipelines, three underground storage facilities and eight regasification plants, four of which are wholly owned by Enagás and four others in which the company has a significant stake. The company operates in eight countries: Spain, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Albania, Greece and Italy. In Spain, it is the Technical Manager of the Gas System and operates as provisional Manager of the hydrogen backbone network. In line with its commitment to energy transition, Enagás has announced its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040, with a firm commitment to decarbonisation and the promotion of renewable gases, especially hydrogen.

Press contact: Jorge Álvarez Vidal – jcalvarez@enagas.es – (+34) 630 384 930

GRTgaz is Europe’s second-largest gas transmission operator, with 32,618 km of pipes and 640 TWh of gas transported. The company has 3330 employees and generated nearly €2.1 billion in turnover in 2022. GRTgaz has a mission statement: “Together, we enable an energy future that is safe, affordable and climate neutral”. GRTgaz is an innovative company undergoing a major transformation to adapt its network to new ecological and digital challenges. It is committed to a 100% carbon-neutral French gas mix by 2050. It supports the hydrogen and renewable gas sectors (biomethane and gas from solid and liquid waste). GRTgaz carries out public service missions to guarantee the safety of gas transmission for its 879 clients (shippers, distributors, industrial companies, biomethane plants and producers). With its subsidiaries Elengy, the European leader in LNG terminal services, and GRTgaz Deutschland, operator of the MEGAL transmission network in Germany, GRTgaz plays a key role on the European gas infrastructure scene. The company exports its expertise internationally, in particular services developed by its research center, RICE. Find us at https://www.grtgaz.com/, or on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Press contact: Chafia Baci – chafia.baci@grtgaz.com – +33 6 40 48 54 40

OGE is one of Europe’s leading transmission system operators. With our approximately 12,000 kilometers of pipeline network, we transport gas throughout Germany and, due to our geographical location, we are the link for gas flows in the European single market. Our approximately 1,450 employees stand for security of supply. We make our network available to all market participants on a non-discriminatory, market-oriented and transparent basis. We shape energy supply. Today and in the energy mix of the future. For more information about the company, please visit www.oge.net.

Press contact: Kristian Peters-Lach, kristian.peters-lach@oge.net ; T +49 201 3642–12622

REN – Gasodutos, S.A. is the Portuguese gas TSO and part of REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, SGPS, S.A., a group of companies that integrates the Portuguese electricity TSO, as well as other gas activities concessions in Portugal such as, the Sines LNG Terminal, the underground storage and one gas distribution company. Besides its operation in Portugal, REN also has gas and electric grid assets in Chile and a share in the Cahora Bassa power plant in Mozambique. REN – Gasodutos, S.A. is responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of more than 1,300 km of high-pressure pipelines in Portugal and for the national gas system technical management.
Find us at www.ren.pt.

Press contact: Paulo Camacho; paulo.camacho@ren.pt ; (+351) 929 029 187

Teréga – Established in South-West France, at the crossroads between major European gas flows, has exercised exceptional expertise for over 75 years in the development of gas transport and storage infrastructures. Today, it continues to develop innovative solutions to take on the major energy challenges facing France and Europe. Teréga operates over 5,000 km of pipelines and 2 underground storage reservoirs representing 16% of the French gas transport grid and 26% of national storage capacity. The company achieved turnover of 799 million euros in 2022 and employs about 650 people. Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of Teréga’s strategy, as it embarks on the energy transition to carbon neutrality. Teréga has rolled out programmes in all areas of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance): its employee safety and its infrastructure security via the PARI 2025 programme, sustainable development of territories and social responsibility via the ENERGIZ MOUV programme, support of philanthropic projects via the Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies endowment fund, and reduction of environmental impacts via the BE POSITIF programme with a commitment to a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2021 on all scopes 1, 2 and 3. Find us at https://www.terega.fr/ and on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Press contact: Céline Dallest: celine.dallest@terega.fr (+33) 6 38 89 11 07

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